Today’s e-Reads: U.S. Worried About Cyber Attacks; Google, Oracle Face Off

Juliana Gruenwald

Policy makers are growing increasingly concerned about the threat to U.S. security posed by cyber attacks, according to The New York Times.

Google and Oracle will face off in court next month over a patent dispute, the San Jose Mercury News reports.

AT&T is trying to pressure an outspoken customer to keep private settlement talks with the company related to a dispute over data use on his smart phone, Bloomberg reports.

After 244 years, Encyclopedia Britannica says it will no longer publish paper copies of its encyclopedia and will instead focus on its online version, the Los Angeles Times reports.

The Wall Street Journal examines whether the virtual scrapbook site Pinterest could face the same legal troubles over copyright that helped sink Napster a decade ago.

A Tibetan rights group is calling on Facebook to specify that Lhasa is the capital of Tibet and not part of China, Mashable reports.

The Wall Street Journal details some of the lengths tech startups are going to draw attention to themselves at this year’s South-by-Southwest conference.

The Huffington Post profiles funny Twitter accounts.