Today’s e-Reads: Amazon to Drop E-book Prices, Did Jobs’ Book Help DoJ?

Juliana Grurenwald
April 12, 2012

After the Justice Department’s antitrust case against Apple and five publishers was filed, Amazon said it would drop the price of e-books, The New York Times reports. Meanwhile, the government found some of the ammo for its lawsuit from the late-Apple co-founder Steve Jobs’ own biography, according to Bloomberg.

Two CNET columnists detail why they believe the Justice Department could lose a trial against Apple and two publishers over e-book price fixing allegations.

A Google executive is trying to improve online college learning, the Wall Street Journal reports.

Sony’s CEO is wasting little time trying to turn around the electronics maker by increasing the firm’s focus on smart phones, games and cameras, while cutting back its TV business, Reuters reports.

A Forbes columnist says shareholder efforts to impose net neutrality rules on wireless operators like AT&T and Sprint are a bad idea.

Microsoft is buying the key patents linked to Netscape’s browser, which Microsoft’s Internet Explorer buried in the 1990s, ComputerWorld UK reports.