Today's Sochi Weather Update: Feels Like Myrtle Beach

Alexander Abad-Santos

The 2014 Winter Olympics begin tonight in a place of snow and dreams that's also as warm as Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. There's a high of 50°F in Sochi and no chance of any snow or rain and preliminary rounds get underway.

Current Temperature: 46°F (High of 50°) Chance of snow: 0 percent

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In a week or so, the temperature will be a toasty 59°.  This is very depressing to many of us on the East Coast who are currently trudging through brown snow and ice for what feels like the 32nd day in a row.  Sochi's mild climate actually feels a lot like (and is actually a tad warmer) than the usually sunny vacation spot of Myrtle Beach at the moment: 

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