TMZ Catches Photos of Prince Harry In Naked Vegas Billiards Game

Dashiell Bennett
The Atlantic Wire
TMZ Catches Photos of Prince Harry In Naked Vegas Billiards Game

The man who is third in line to the British throne might want to re-think some of late-night party antics — or find more discreet friends — after TMZ gets a hold of photos of Prince Harry stark naked in a Las Vegas hotel room.

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Fresh off their shirt-less Paul Ryan scoop, the website published two pictures of Harry taken in the aftermath of an alleged "strip billiards" game in Vegas hotel suite. In both pictures, he is completely naked while an unidentifiable young woman, also naked, hides behind him. The Crown Jewels (had to do it) are discreetly covered up.

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A second photo Harry and the same woman, only this time it's his behind that's on display. Spokespeople from Clarence House (his official royal home) had no comment on the photos, but did confirm that it is the Prince in the pictures. Interestingly, the British tabloids have reported on the story, but will not republish the photos, due to agreements about not publishing private photos of royals without permission. It's not exactly a matter of national security or diplomatic failure, but will surely give both Britons and Americans plenty to chuckle over.

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But lost in the buzz over Prince Harry's "indiscretion" is a much bigger question for American audiences: Where was Ryan Lochte? We already know that the two have become fast Vegas friends and few people are as clothing averse as the gold-medal swimmer. Could he be the amateur paparazzo here?