Titus Low made $30,000 a month with his OnlyFans — now it could land him in jail for up to 21 months

Titus Low, one of Singapore’s most recognizable adult content creators, could potentially face a maximum of 21 months in jail for sharing sexually explicit content of himself online.

Low, a 22-year-old bisexual adult content creator, has been sharing images and videos of his "private parts" via his OnlyFans account since April 2021. Speaking to the Los Angeles Times, Low claims he has not done anything wrong.

Maybe if I had hurt someone, then I’d deserve to go to prison. But this feels unjustified,” he added.

The idea to start an OnlyFans account dawned on Low after a shirtless picture of him became a hit on Instagram. He joined OnlyFans a year ago, and by July 2021, he had already amassed over 2,000 fans who pay at least $15 a month to view his adult content.

Using his earnings from the content subscription service, Low reportedly enjoyed a luxurious lifestyle in his $6,600-a-month condo, having bought a Mercedes GT coupe and a labradoodle worth $6,500, among other purchases.

Low believed the OnlyFans setup could save him from any legal issues since the website is only accessible through subscription. However, the Singaporean Penal Code states that it is illegal to “transmit any obscene materials by electronic means, or to take part in or receive profits from any business where such materials are transmitted.”

Technically speaking, [that means] it is against the law to send a nude photo of yourself, even if it is consensual," Mark Teng, an executive director at Singaporean law firm That.Legal, told BBC in January.

Problems began piling up in September 2021 when Singaporean authorities started building a case against Low after receiving a tip from an undisclosed source informing them about the content creator’s online activity.

The authorities reportedly raided his home, took his devices and seized his OnlyFans account in November 2021. They also ordered him to stay off the website, but Low disobeyed them and reset the password of his account using his spare smartphone.

Low was arrested on Dec. 30, 2021, and charged with two counts of transmitting obscene material via electronic means. According to reports, he was also charged under the Criminal Procedure Code after resisting the police order not to log on to his OnlyFans account. The content creator was granted a bail worth 5,000 Singaporean dollars (approximately $3,680) under the condition that he stay away from OnlyFans and avoid communicating with any of the prosecution witnesses.

After receiving two new charges in February, Low currently faces five charges in total.

Low has turned his focus to other online platforms and ventures, such as selling his own NFTs and sex toys modeled after his genitals. He told the Times that he is prepared to move out of Singapore to restart his OnlyFans career and expressed interest in London and Los Angeles.

However, the content creator must remain in Singapore for now and consider the possibility of prison.

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