Tips on how to safely view the solar eclipse in April

BELLEVILLE, Ill. – Eckert’s Farm in Belleville is hosting an eclipse party on April 8. Ahead of the big day, Dr. Jason Brinton of Brinton Vision talked about how to view the eclipse safely.

“The eclipse glasses are great of course. I think the important thing is that they have the ISO mark in standard,” Dr. Brinton said. “As long as they have the ISO mark and standard on it, I think we can be confident that it follows that. And then individuals that buy those should make sure they aren’t scratched or damaged or anything like that.”

There are a few other options when it comes to safe viewing.

“Number 14 welders glass is also appropriate and you can get mylar sheet that meets the same ISO standards where you can make your own glasses,” he said.

Dr. Brinton also reminds everyone of what doesn’t qualify for safe viewing and could result in serious eye damage, which in some cases can be permanent.

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“I still remember from the last eclipse people coming out of our building with multiple pairs of sunglasses on. I’ve got news: it doesn’t matter if you’ve got two, three, or four. No matter how dark they are, that does not qualify,” Dr. Brinton said. “Looking through a camera viewfinder does not qualify. Looking through a telescope or binoculars or anything, even with various filters, those filters do not appropriately protect your eyes from the sun.”

To have a good experience while staying safe, it’s best to follow these safety guidelines.

“I just think people should get out there and enjoy it and take advantage of what a beautiful time. It’s a great opportunity to teach science. It’s a great opportunity to bring family and friends together,” he said.

Eckert’s is inviting all family and friends to gather at their farm to enjoy eclipse day.

“This time we thought it’s not right here but we have such great sky views and beautiful sunsets so we thought this is the perfect place to watch the eclipse too. And we’re going to have some live music at 12 (p.m.). The party starts really at 11,” Jill Tantillo, vice president of Eckert’s, said.

Eckert’s Eclipse Party is free to attend and there will be eclipse glasses for the first 200 guests.

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