Tips to battle inflation ahead of the holidays

Just about everything seems like it costs more.

News Center 7′s Brandon Lewis went to experts to find out how you can save money during the holiday season.

Britney Bunch did some grocery shopping Monday to get ready for Thanksgiving.

Britney and her sister Breah have noticed the change in prices.

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The latest consumer price index rose 3.2 percent over the last 12 months.

The index measures the average change in prices for consumer goods and services.

Jared Pincin is an Associate Professor of Economics at Cedarville University.

“That means that prices are still rising. The good news is that the latest price increases are less than they were say a year or two ago. So prices are rising at a slower pace than they have been in the past few years,” Pincin said.

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He advised on how to save money:

  • Set a budget

  • Look for the best deals both online and at the stores

  • Try couponing

Keith Cooley said he tries to spend wisely and only buy things he needs.

“We use the apps and stuff that Kroger’s might have or somebody else might have just to try and see if we can get a reduction in the cost,” Cooley said.

Bunch had a message she tries to remember as we deal with the hustle and bustle of the holidays.

“I know inflation is high, a lot of people are struggling, rich man is struggling, poor man is struggling. It’s a struggle but we’re in the land of the living so just be grateful and think about the true meaning of what we’re here for,” Bunch said.