Timeline For Facebook Pages Rolling Out on Mobile

Emily Price
Timeline For Facebook Pages Rolling Out on Mobile
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Facebook has started implementing its to Pages on mobile platforms.

Rolled out of Facebook in February, when you view a brand page on your mobile device you’ll now see the brand’s cover photo, information from the Page’s About section, and a larger Like button.

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Smaller icons below the Like button will allow you to navigate, much like you can on , to Photos and Events for the Page, as well as see at a glance how many people have liked the page.


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The Timeline view has been available for personal profile pages for quite some time, and was made available via mobile around the same time as it was on the web. Timeline for Pages on mobile devices, however, has taken a bit longer to hit the scene.

Previously, the mobile version of Pages would show you simply the profile picture for the Page, with the category and amount of likes the page had listed in small print below it along with a Like button. Checking out photos and info involved tapping a Wall, Info, or Photos button to toggle between.

Check out the image above for a look at the old version of Mashable's Page on mobile and the new Timeline version.

What do you think of the Timeline look for Pages on mobile? Let us know in the comments.

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