Timelapse Captures Aurora Australis at Clifton Beach in Tasmania

The aurora australis, or southern lights, illuminated the night sky over South Arm, Tasmania, on the night of September 28.

Videographer Justin McConnell recorded this timelapse video from a lookout point at Clifton Beach, southeast of Hobart.

Visible in the video are the yellow and pink lights of the phenomenon, as well as flashes of green.

McConnell told Storyful that he formed the timelapse from 220 photos taken between 7.30 pm and 9.45 pm. He edited the images by “adding contrast and vibrance,” as well as “enhancing shadows.”

Storyful asked McConnell about the source of a flash in the background of the video at around 10 seconds. He replied, “I’m not sure what the flareup is. I think it was just someone’s house light.”

A red light also appears at around 15 seconds, from the flashlight of beachgoers visiting the lookout. Credit: Justin McConnell via Storyful