Tim Scott Avoids Talking Trump As He Ducks And Dodges NBC News' Questions

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Sen. Tim Scott (S.C.) found several ways to swerve away from talking about Donald Trumpduring a sit-down interview with NBC News’ Ali Vitali last week. (You can watch a clip of the interview below)

The Republican launched a committee to explore a 2024 presidential campaign on Wednesday.

“I think that one of the open questions here is you look at the polls, you look at the fact that in this Republican field, President Trump is sort of the man to beat. Why should he not be the nominee of the party again?” asked Vitali.

“One of the things I’m hearing a lot on the Faith in America Tour is that they’re concerned about the most important issues in their lives is what’s driving their decisions,” replied Scott, who remarked on his written contributions to Trump’s 2017 tax code overhaul.

“But that was a Trump bill,” Vitali responded. “I mean, where are you different from him because innately by running you’re saying, ‘I think I could be a better president than him.’”

“Actually, I think it’s very simple,” Scott added before bringing up the tax bill again.

Vitali later asked Scott about Trump’s praise for North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, Chinese President Xi Jinping and Russian President Vladimir Putin.

“All what we know is that you look at the new axis of evil, it starts with China and President Xi includes President Putin, and you certainly see the role of Iran as well,” replied Scott, who said America needs leadership to push back against an “adversary” like China.

“But Trump’s not pushing back on that,” Vitali noted.

“Well, we’re talking about what I want to do, and you’re talking about what others want to do. So I want to keep talking about what I can control and not what others control,” Scott said.

It’s not the first time Scott has swerved away from addressing questions head-on.

The Republican found ways to avoid direct answers about a national abortion ban and a 15-week abortion ban during interviews over the past week.

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