Disney Parks superfan reveals the ultimate secret hack for skipping lines: 'I probably shouldn't share this'

A TikTok trend has Disney fans sharing their favorite Disney Park hacks.

TikToker David Vaughn seemed to have started the trend with his video about a clever FastPass hack he’s pulled off. The Disney FastPass service allows park guests to skip lines and to book ride times in advance so there’s less waiting.

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“I probably shouldn’t share this,” Vaughn captioned the TikTok.

“So I realized Indian Jones breaks down quite often in the afternoon, almost every single day,” Vaughn says in the video. “So I purposefully started getting FastPasses [for Indiana Jones] around that time — like 2 p.m. or 3 p.m. — and I’ve done this maybe half a dozen times and it has worked every single time.”

As Vaughn explains, the Indiana Jones ride would almost always break down when they tried to ride it during that time of day. As a result, Vaughn and his friends — who bought FastPasses specifically for the ride — would get multi-use FastPasses as a refund.

Commenters on Vaughn’s video started going off about their favorite Disney park hacks.

“Splash Mountain, Haunted Mansion and Pirates literally have no wait after 9:30 p.m.,” one user shared. “Waste of time to [FastPass] or wait in line during the day.”

“Go on the teacups during a parade,” another added. “No one can stand in front of the ride so you get a perfect view [and] characters will spot you better when you wave to them.”

“The stroller parking in the Tangled bathroom area is HUGE, never full and has a nice, shady place to sit with outlets,” another wrote.

A TikTok user named Emily added her own advice onto Vaughn’s video, claiming she knew of the perfect photo spot in the whole park.

“For my hack, you are going to need a prop,” Emily says in her duet. “Something you can lean your phone up against for context.”

Emily points out that she is standing right by Spaceship Earth and the main Disney fountain. If you’re standing next to Spaceship Earth from the right side by the entrance, you’ll notice a lamppost right across from the fountain.

“Prop your prop on top of this lamppost then put your phone on top of the lamppost,” she says. “We get the perfect fountain selfie — without someone needing to take your photo!”

Commenters particularly loved the idea for times when they visit the park by themselves and still want to take photos.

“This was legitimately a really good hack,” one user said.

A few days after Emily posted her clip, a TikTok user claiming to be an employee at the park commented: “I’m Photopass in EPCOT and I can’t tell you how many people I’ve seen using this hack since you posted.”

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