A TikToker who moved to a Scottish island says his life has become like an Instagram reel. Photos show what his average day is like.

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Caulumn, 24, lives on the Isle of Skye in Scotland.@Caulumn2
  • Caulumn, a TikToker from Edinburgh, Scotland, moved to the Isle of Skye two months ago.

  • He told Insider that the experience has allowed him to explore both his identity and sexuality.

  • Photos show what an average day on the Scottish island is like for him.

Caulumn, 24, moved from Scotland's capital city, Edinburgh, to the Isle of Skye two months ago.

scottish tiktoker skye
Caulumn moved from Edinburgh to the Isle of Skye in Scotland around two months ago.@Caulumn2

Caulumn, a TikToker from Fife, Scotland, lived in Edinburgh before making the move to the Isle of Skye two months ago with two of his friends.

The aspiring actor posts videos about his life on TikTok, where he has more than 104,600 followers at the time of writing, and on Instagram, where he has more than 7,000 followers.

In one video posted to Instagram on July 1, Caulumn shared a montage of clips from his second month living on the island.

Caulumn told Insider that he wanted a break from city life because it was too expensive and too busy. He decided moving to somewhere remote would give him the opportunity to "figure out who I am," he said.

The Isle of Skye is located in the northwest of Scotland.

isle of skye skitch
A map showing the location of the Isle of Skye in Scotland, UK.Google Maps/Skitch

The island is around 50 miles long and 25 miles at its widest points, making it four times bigger than Barbados, according to the website Out and About Scotland.

An estimated 13,143 live on the Isle of Skye, as per Population Data, citing figures from 2017. In comparison, Edinburgh is home to 527,620 residents, according to City of Edinburgh Council statistics from 2020.

Caulumn lives in Armadale, a small village in the south of the island.

isle of skye village skitch
Calaumn, left, and a map showing the village where Caulumn resides on the Isle of Skye.@caulumn2, Google Maps/Skitch

Armadale is considered "Skye's back door," as it's the location where the ferry from Mallaig, a town on the mainland, ports, according to Undiscovered Scotland. One of the village's main attractions is its beach, according to Visit Scotland. The website adds that the beach attracts water sports enthusiasts, particularly surfers.

Caulumn said the majority of Armadale residents speak Gaelic as their first language. Gaelic is an ancient language that dates back to AD 500, according to Britannica. The majority of Scottish people speak English as their first language, with the exception of some people living in the highlands and islands who speak Gaelic.

Although Caulumn doesn't speak Gaelic, he said he's purchased a book to help him learn some phrases.

Caulumn moved to Skye after getting a job at The Inn at Aird a' Bhasair, which he says is the oldest inn on the island.

skye tiktoker workplace
Caulumn's workplace.@Caulumn2

Caulumn said he applied for a job at the The Inn at Aird a' Bhasair after seeing an advertisement online while he was still living in Edinburgh. In his new role, Caulumn said he does a little bit of everything, from housekeeping to hosting and reception work.

"It's just a cozy little relaxed job, and I've never worked anywhere where it's so chill," he said, adding that his new employer also provided him with accommodation. He currently lives in a trailer (not pictured) with one of his friends who moved to the island with him.

He starts out his day getting ready for work. During Pride Month in June, this involved applying various Pride-themed face glitter.

pride themed makeup
Caulumn's Pride-themed face glitter.@caulumn2

Caulumn said moving to Skye has given him the space to test the boundaries of his sexuality and identity. He said that while he previously identified as gay, he now identifies as queer.

"I was a bit scared when I first moved here... I wasn't sure if the island would be more close-minded, but everyone's been super chill," he said.

Caulumn said that every day for Pride Month he wore glitter and face paint, which grabbed the attention of customers and locals alike.

"It became like a thing in the village where people would come in and be like, 'Oh, what are you wearing today?'" he added.

He spends every morning cycling to the local shops.

scottish tiktoker skye
Caulumn riding his bike.@caulumn2

Caulumn said that while he lives with someone who has a car, he spends most of his time cycling, which he describes as a "downside" to island life.

"In Edinburgh, everything's right there, but here you have to cycle for ages," he said. "And I thought this island was going to be small, but it's actually quite big."

Caulumn says he has a lot more downtime than when he lived in a city.

scotish tiktoker
Caulumn reading a book by the water.@caulumn2

"In Edinburgh, you don't realize that you're in this like horrible circle of work, sleep, work, sleep, work, sleep. I was doing night shifts and everything," he said.

"As soon as I moved out here, I can connect with my inner child. Again, I'm getting back into other hobbies, like reading, I'm going out for like really healthy walks. Just the mentality of people that live here, it's just so positive to be around," he added.

At least once a week, Caulumn says he spends time traveling with his friends.

scottish tiktoker exploring
Caulumn exploring his new home.@caulumn2

He told Insider that there's poor cell service and internet connection on the island.

"We had to beg the inn to extend the WiFi router to our caravan. Because when we first moved up, we were sitting in our caravan like, 'What do we do? We can't even watch Netflix... we're going to have to go for a walk," he said.

The move has allowed the TikToker to disconnect from his phone and reconnect with his surroundings. He told Insider that at least once a week, he goes traveling and explores the island with his friends. And while he mainly spends time with the friends that he moved with, Caulumn says most people in the village are friendly and easy to get to know.

One of the activities he said he enjoys is "faerie hunting."

tiktoker isle of skye
Caulumn exploring the Isle of Skye.@caulumn2

Skye has long been associated with faeries, with many of its iconic landmarks named after the mythical creatures. Some of the most popular tourist locations are the Fairy Pools, a waterfall and pool where people enjoy wild swimming, and the Fairy Glen.

"I full-on believe in faeries again," Caulumn said. "I'm like, okay they're here somewhere, I'm gonna find them."

Caulumn says his life has become like an Instagram reel since moving to Skye.

scottish tiktoker
Caulumn and his friends on the Isle of Skye.@caulumn2

"You know when you watch the reels on Instagram, and there's all these people doing their little reels of moving away and these little clips and stuff, I feel like that's what my life has become," he said. "And it's so nice — it's crazy."

While Skye has become like a "second home" to Caulumn, the TikToker said he believes he's too young to settle down in one place.

"Life's too short and there are far too many places to see," he said, adding that he plans to travel the world later down the line.

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