TikTok star Addison Rae has deleted an Instagram post of herself wearing a 'Holy Trinity' bikini following criticism that it was offensive to Christians

  • Addison Rae posted a photo of herself wearing a "Holy Trinity" bikini to her Instagram last week.

  • Rae received backlash from people who argued it was offensive to Christians.

  • Following criticism, Rae appears to have deleted the photo from her profile.

TikTok star Addison Rae has deleted a controversial bikini picture that drew ire from Christian influencers.

The post, which was seen by Insider but is no longer visible on her account, was posted on August 2, according to PopBuzz. It showed Rae, who has over 40 million Instagram followers, in a white bikini adorned with the words "Father" and "Son" on either side of the top and "Holy Spirit" on the bottom.

The bathing suit is a collaboration between independent clothing brand Praying and sportswear company Adidas. The "Holy Trinity Bikini Set" is available on the Praying website for $100.

White bikini with 'Father' written on the left side, 'Son' written on the right side, and 'Holy Spirit' on the bottoms
The bikini is still on sale on Praying's website.Praying

Comments underneath Rae's now-deleted post seen by Insider argued the bikini was disrespectful to Christians, and slammed Rae for promoting it.

The photo has since been reposted on Twitter by Addison Rae fan accounts, where the backlash continued. Rae has yet to publicly comment on it on either her Instagram or TikTok accounts.

However, a number of Twitter users defended Rae's post, with one person saying they identified as a Christian and were "not offended by it at all."

Other celebrities have worn versions of the bathing suit without criticism.

Victoria De Angelis, a member of Italian rock band Måneskin, wore a black version of the bathing suit top along with a crucifix necklace in a photo posted to her Instagram April 4. Christian Aguilera posted a photo of herself wearing a French-language version of the top on July 29.

Instagram influencer Brittany Dawn Davis posted a video on Instagram on August 7 in response to Rae's photo, where she said, "I felt sick to my stomach. And the first thought that popped into my head was: 'Why is it always Christians?'"

"Leave Jesus alone. Leave Jesus out of it. Christianity is now acceptable in our society to slander and mock," she added.

"To Addison Rae, if you see this, I'm not here to cancel you. As a Christian, I am here to pray for you, to intercede for you, to believe that the Lord is pursuing your heart just like he pursued mine three years ago," Davis continued.

Praying also has a number of other Christian or "God-themed" products on its website, including bags, hats, and T-shirts that say "God's favorite."

Rae rose to fame on TikTok, where she has been posting dance videos since July 2019. She is currently the fourth most-followed TikToker, with over 88 million followers. In 2021, she signed a multi-film Netflix deal, which her team negotiated after the success of her first movie "He's All That," worth more than $2 million, according to a source close to her business.

Representatives for Addison Rae, Praying, and Adidas did not immediately respond to Insider's requests for comment.

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