A TikTok of a rescue dog called Bob being passed up for adoption at an event has blown up, leading to a wave of interest in giving him a forever home

Screenshots from Andrea's TikTok
Andrea Cáceres' TikTok has 4.1 million views.Andrea Caceres via TikTok
  • A rescue dog named Bob has gone viral on TikTok, in a video taken at an adoption event.

  • In the clip, Bob is the only dog that doesn't appear to have anyone interacting or playing with him.

  • After Bob went viral, his adoption organization received a wave of applications from potential owners.

Bob the rescue dog wasn't having much luck with finding a "forever home" and a family that wanted to adopt him — until he went viral on TikTok.

A video posted by TikTok user Andrea Cáceres on November 1 taken at an animal adoption event hosted by Badass Animal Rescue in Brooklyn, New York showed families interacting with a number of dogs that were up for adoption. But one dog, name Bob Parr, was seen standing alone with his handler.

"POV: you are at an adoption event and all the adoptable dogs are getting attention except for Bob, please someone get him a forever home," an on-screen caption on the post read.

@petartbyandrea 😔 he is the sweetest pup, 3 Y/O very chill and perfect size for a NYC apartment available on @Badass Animal Rescue #rescuedog #adoptabledogs ♬ Oh Klahoma - Jack Stauber


The clip went viral on TikTok, receiving 4.1 million views and 526,000 likes, and many commenters said they thought it was sad that no one was giving Bob attention in the video.

"How did this five-second clip make me burst into tears," and "I love bob I would adopt him," read top comments under the post.

On November 3, Cáceres shared an update in which she revealed that after her video of Bob went viral, the rescue organization received "around 40 applications" from people who wanted to adopt him. Badass Animal Rescue did not confirm a specific number, but said they are "thankful for all the attention Bob is receiving," adding that there's been "tons of interest" and "several" applications to adopt him.

@petartbyandrea Replying to @tammymoraless this month 10% of all my sales will go to Bob’s rescue @badassanimalrescue thank you again everybody! ❤️ 3.7 million people saw how sweet this boy is I hope you can see how sweet all the other badass dogs are❤️❤️ #adoptabledogs #rescuedog #dogsoftiktok ♬ Fairy Fountain - Super Guitar Bros

Viewers were delighted by the turn of events.

"Thank goodness he is finally being appreciated. I was afraid I'd have to drive to NY from Ohio to give him a loving home!!!" wrote one top commenter under Cáceres' post.

Cáceres, who works as an illustrator based in New York City, told Insider that she does not work with the rescue organization but attended the event to paint portraits of the animals and fundraise for them. She said she decided to film Bob after seeing him alone because she thought other people living in New York might see her post on TikTok.

"You could see how much love he has to give and I hoped the video will find him a forever home, someone that could see how much he has to give and is willing to put in the effort," she told Insider.

"I'm very overwhelmed in a happy way to know that 4 million people can see it too and that because of that he has now not one but tons of options," she continued.

Julie Zeilinger, a woman who has been fostering Bob, told the Daily Mail that some families who saw Bob at the adoption event did interact with him, but that he is a shy dog and was visibly "overwhelmed" by the number of people at the event.

"He is an incredibly sweet dog who just wants to love and be loved," she told the outlet.

A spokesperson from Badass Animal Rescue told Insider they are looking into the applications they've received from people wanting to adopt Bob, adding, "We're working on finding the best and right home for him as soon as possible."

"We wish every video went viral of our dogs and others who need homes — look at how much interest and advocacy has resulted. The reality is, this doesn't happen often and there are so many deserving dogs who actually do get passed over (seniors, etc.) or don't receive as much attention at events," they added.

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