TikTok challenge damaging garage doors in Cabot

TikTok challenge damaging garage doors in Cabot

CABOT, Ark. – A TikTok door-kicking challenge is becoming a major headache for Lonoke County homeowners.

Bangs in the night have found their way from the app to the front doors of Arkansas homeowners, but in Cabot, it has escalated because some of the doors being kicked are to garages.

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In the Greystone neighborhood, at least four homeowners reported garage door damage in March. Many others called because of bangs at their doorstep.

John Davis lives next door to one of the homes randomly targeted and calls the actions “stupid” and “ridiculous.” When he saw the dent left behind on his neighbor’s garage, his first thought was the cost.

“Back when I was a kid you know we used to ring doorbells, but we wouldn’t do any damage to homes,” he said. “Ring doorbells and run, but this is another step here.”

The behavior could lead to charges of trespassing and felony criminal mischief which even for teens could appear on police records for years. Officials with the Cabot Police Department also consider the permanent damage the five seconds of social media clout could leave behind.

“Yes they’re doing property damage, yes they’re risking a potential felony charge; however, my biggest concern is they’re risking themselves getting hurt in the process,” Sgt. Steven Elliot with the Cabot PD said.

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Elliot stated some victims thought their homes were being broken into and prepared to defend themselves. He fears continued misdeeds could get someone hurt because someone could easily misconstrue what they’re doing and take action.

“Talk to your kids,” Elliot said. “This is a risky thing that they’re doing.”

Authorities said they also know of it recently happening in Ward and unincorporated areas of Lonoke County.

Cabot police said they opened a criminal investigation which identified a group of teens believed responsible. Authorities contacted their parents, and one of them is reportedly working with homeowners to cover the expense of repairs.

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“That’s a good thing,” Davis said. “I just hope that it’s over.”

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