Three People Shot at Lone Star College in Texas

Connor Simpson
The Atlantic Wire

There are currently three people who appear to be injured after one or more shooters opened fire on the Lone Star College campus in North Houston on Tuesday.

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A campus spokesperson confirmed to ABC 13 early this afternoon that shots were fired on the Lone Star campus. Three people appear to be injured, two women and one male. Local CBS affiliate KHOU reports that one suspect is already in custody and one is still outstanding. Students are being ushered into the wooded area near the school for safety, and the campus is on lockdown. KHOU just reported the shooting took place in the school administration building, and then one shooter retreated to the library. S.W.A.T. teams just arrived on campus, but much remains unknown about the scene, including weapon details or confirmation on the shooters and victims.

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One student tweeted this photo from her class room

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This is a photo of one victim being loaded into an ambulance on a stretcher:

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This is a shot of the students evacuating the school: 

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We'll keep updating this post as we learn more.