Three dead, nine people saved from rubble after Russian attack on Kryvyi Rih

Russian attack claims three lives
Russian attack claims three lives
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As the search-and-rescue operation has concluded following a Russian air strike on a residential high-rise in Kryvyi Rih, nine people were rescued from the rubble, Dnipropetrovsk regional governor Serhiy Lysak said in a Telegram post on March 12.

"Emergency workers have checked all apartments in the damaged buildings; nine residents were rescued," said Lysak.

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According to the official, the attack resulted in three fatalities. Lysak expressed condolences to their families.

He also noted that the number of injured is still being verified.

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“Several emergency aid points were opened,” the message said.

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“Psychologists are working with witnesses of the enemy attack. Over 30 city residents have already sought their help.”

Earlier on March 12, Russian forces attacked Kryvyi Rih, likely with a Kh-59 guided air-launched missile. Two multi-story residential buildings were damaged: a nine-story and a five-story building.

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