Thousands visit Amsterdam square to pick free tulips

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STORY: Amsterdam marked 'National Tulip Day'

with a free pick-your-own garden

Visitors were each allowed

to pick up 20 tulips for free

(Arjan Smit, Chairman, Tulip Promotion Netherlands)

"What we see here today is that all tulip growers in the Netherlands are celebrating the beginning of the year. We brought 200,000 tulips which we arranged in the shape of a painting by Johannes Vermeer (Girl with a Pearl Earring). We are celebrating this on the third Saturday of January to make all people aware of the fact that there are enough tulips for sale again in the shops."

An estimated 18,000 people visited

Museumplein square for the event

"I mean, it's nice. You don't get to do it in your daily life I guess."

"Definitely, it's something unique. Normally you have to go to the florist and pay 30 euros or something and now you can just go through the process, select them, it's a nice day out."