Thousands In U.S. 'March For Truth' Regarding Trump, Russia Ties

Hundreds of demonstrators in New York City took to the streets Saturday to protest President Donald Trump's ties with Russia.  (March For Truth)
Hundreds of demonstrators in New York City took to the streets Saturday to protest President Donald Trump's ties with Russia. (March For Truth)

Thousands of protesters took to the streets across dozens of U.S. cities on Saturday to tell President Donald Trump they are not his comrades.

The “March For Truth,” led by a “coalition of grassroots organizers,” took place in cities including Washington, D.C., New York, Boston, and Portland. Demonstrators demanded that the investigation into the Trump campaign’s alleged ties to Russian officials be handed in a “fair and impartial” manner.

Organizers said that includes the creation of an independent commission and the release of Trump’s tax returns, along with greater government transparency with the public. They also called for a criminal prosecution if wrongdoing is discovered.

D.C. saw the most sizable crowds starting in the morning, where protesters spelled out “Investigate Trump” on the lawn of the National Mall.

In New York City, demonstrators gathered at Foley Square, where they listened to speakers including Javier Munoz of Broadway’s “Hamilton.” The crowd then marched down Broadway, chanting “Resist!” as they went.

At a counter-protest outside the White House, Trump supporters gathered to show their support for the president’s recent decision to leave the Paris Agreement on climate change. Leaving the agreement is likely to have devastating effects on both the country and world.

“What’s unfortunate is the media that’s making the division ― and the other leftist group ― but the reality is people do support what he’s doing,” an unidentified Trump supporter told Fox News. “And hopefully as he moves along in his agenda, people will really see his best intentions.”

As if to drive the point home further that truth is needed, journalist Alejandro Alvarez spoke to two other Trump supporters at the White House, one of whom claimed that “CNN is ISIS” (they’re not).

Crowds were also seen in cities including Charleston, South Carolina, and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania:

And while a bit smaller in size, demonstrators were also found in Jackson, Tennessee.



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