Thousands of dollars raised, spent in Martinsville mayor's race

The Republican candidates for the May primary filed finance reports for the first quarter of 2023.

No Democratic candidates filed for the May primary.

The following reports are from candidates in the contested races.

Martinsville mayor: Costin, Kohl, Manley

Three people are running for Martinsville mayor: Kenneth Costin, Shannon Kohl and Scott Manley.

Incumbent Mayor Kenneth Costin

According to Costin's finance report covering Jan. 1 to April 14, the candidate began 2023 with $42,300 in the bank. He reported $34,305 in contributions during the reporting period and expenses of around $54,900 leaving him a balance of around $21,700.

His listed contributors include: Steven Jones, Bargersville, $1,000; Troy and Melissa Woodruff, Indianapolis, $1,000; Ed Jolliffe, Indianapolis, $2,500; Craig Fenneman, Martinsville, $2,000; Richard and Debra Wallace, Martinsville, $1,000; Gerald Elsner, Martinsville, $100; Rick and Mae Cooper, Martinsville, $500; Marsha Craney-Blevins, Speedway, $100; Adam and Errika Steuerwald, Zionsville, $250; Jerry Keith and Jana Gray, Martinsville, $100; Ralph Foley, Martinsville, $100; Deborah Lynne and Richard Keith Anderson, Martinsville, $100; Ryan Goodwin, Mooresville, $250; Richard Bray, Martinsville, $400; James and Donna Burkhart, Martinsville, $150; James and Shannon Fields, Martinsville, $250; Stephen Oliver and Anne McGown, Martinsville, $500; Jeffrey Henson, Indianapolis, $1,000. Contributing organizations include Pinnacle Treatment Centers, Mount Laurel, NJ, $2,500; South Central REMC, Martinsville, $200; Indiana/Kentucky/Ohio Regional Council of Carpenters, Greenwood, $10,000; DPBG Political Action Committee, Indianapolis, $1,000; For Better Infrastructure Political Action Committee, Indianapolis, $1,000; Sondhi Solutions, LLC, Indianapolis, $500; BCA Environmental Consultants, LLC, Indianapolis, $1,000; Envoy Construction Service, LLC, Fishers, $5,000; Barnes and Thornburg, LLP, Indianapolis, $1,000.

Costin listed major expenses as: The Englehart Group, Indianapolis, $34,693; EZ Mailing, LLC, Indianapolis, $9,902; Utter's, Martinsville, $1,500; Heavenly Helpings Catering, Monrovia, $2,375; Justin Drake, Martinsville, $500; The Antelope Club, Indianapolis, $706; Super Sports, Martinsville, $856; Helmsman Studios, Plainfield, $1,200; Morgan County GOP, $1,000; Kenneth Costin, Martinsville, $1,210.

Former mayor Shannon Kohl

Kohl's report shows $0 cash on hand on Jan. 1, 2023. She reported $38,632 in contributions during the reporting period and expenses of $16,284, leaving $22,347 in the bank.

Major contributors include: Taft Stenttinlus and Hollister Better Government Fund, Indianapolis, $1,000; CHA Consulting PAC, Indianapolis, $1,000; Commonwealth Engineers PAC, Indianapolis, $1,000; MIBOR RPAC Political Action Committee, Indianapolis, $5,000; Midwestern PAC, Loogootee, $250; Kroger, Gardis and Regas, LLP, Indianapolis, $2,500; Meyer Najem Construction, LLC, Fishers, $250; Clark, Quinn, Moses, Scott, and Grahn, LLP, Indianapolis, $500; Houshin For Congress, Salem, $1,000; Committee to Elect Steve Collier, Lawrence, $1,000; Brian Dickerson, Elkhart, $5,205; Craig Fenneman, Martinsville, $1,561; Joe Elsener, Indianapolis, $520; Martha O'Connor, Indianapolis, $1,000; Phillip D. Beer, Noblesville, $5,000; Kim Pipes, Martinsville, $2,000; Benson Hinshaw, Plainfield, $1,000; Paul Okeson, Indianapolis, $500; Sanjay Patel, Zionsville, $520; Stephanie Ricketts, Martinsville, $104; Steve Bryant, Bloomington, $260; Jill Newport, Greenwood, $200; Mark L. Turner, Indianapolis, $1,500; Robert V. Clutter, Lebanon, $250; Steve Knieper, Martinsville, $200; Friends of Ryan Goodwin, Mooresville, $250; Mark L. Turner, Indianapolis, $2,500; Shannon E. Kohl, Martinsville, $605; Brian Dickerson, Elkhart, $2,602; Pete Seat, Brownsburg, $104; Tachel Doba, Martinsville, $1,000.

Kohl's major Expenses were: WinRed Technical Services, LLC, Arlington VA, $393; Arena LLC, Salt Lake City, UT, $900; Victory Enterprises, Inc., Davenport, IA, $2,750; Crossroads Strategies, LLC, Greenwood, $2,000; Cardinal Contact, LLC, Indianapolis, $6,075; Three Point Advisors, LLC, Indianapolis, $1,500; Carrasco Digital, Indianapolis, $1,260; Rhein Consulting LLC, Westfield, $1,500; Shannon E. Kohl, Martinsville, $605.

Scott Manley

Scott Manley's campaign report states he had $0 on Jan. 1 in the bank. He has collected $7,894 in contributions and has spent $7,009 leaving him a balance of $885.

Contributors include: Robert W. Holden II, Carmel, $1,500; REBCO, Mooresville, $500; Stanley Sephens, Martinsville, $400; Chasity Prennan, Martinsville, $55; Alene Lacy, Martinsville, $50; Kim and Brent Merideth, Martinsville, $125; Jerry Martin, Martinsville, $60; Kathy Taylor, Martinsville, $100; Jamie Hacker, Martinsville, $115 (spent on signs and decals), Chili Fundraiser amount, $1,332; Steve Neal, Louisville KY, $200; Samuel A. Lasiter, Martinsville, $250; Derek Noe, Martinsville, $1,000; Phillip R. Ooley, Martinsville, $200; Scotty Manley, Martinsville, $1,757 and Good Homes for Good People, INC, Mooresville, $250.

Manley's major expenses were: AAA Black Signs, Martinsville, $600; Build a Sign Enterprise, Austin, TX, $3,363; WCBK Radio, Martinsville, $1,054; Roe and Sons Signs, Martinsville, $808; Jamie Hacker, Martinsville, $300 (American Legion rental).

Martinsville Council District 3

Josh Ferran and Michael Dean Scott are running for the district 3 position. Both reported nothing in contributions or expenditures. Both show $0 in their bank.

Martinsville Council District 5

Phil Deckard II and Steve Lyday are running for the district 5 position.

Deckard shows no contributions or expenses on his report.

Lyday shows starting the year with $500 in the bank. He has had $444 in expenses (for advertising supplies) leaving him $55.

Martinsville Council at large

John Badger XIV, Teresa L. Mahan, Ann Miller, and Jim Wisco are running for the two at-large seats on the Martinsville Council.

Miller and Wisco show no contributions or expenses for the period.

Badger has given his campaign $771 and has spent the same, $771 on signs.

Mahan shows having $140 at the beginning of the year. She reported giving her campaign $50 and spending $20 on signs.

Mooresville Ward 2

Two people filed to run for the Mooresville Ward 2 council seat.

Kirk Witt shows having no funds at the beginning of the year. He has received $3,532 in contributions and spent $3,532 leaving a balance of $0. Contributors include himself, $1,957 and Jeffrey (name unreadable), Indianapolis, $523. Expenses were for banners and signs.

Shane Williams began the year with $0 in the bank. He reported contributions of $3,128 and expenses of $2,641 leaving him a balance of $487 in the bank.

His contributors include Jeff Cook, Mooresville, $1,207, Williams Rental Properties, Mooresville, $256; Friends of Ryan Goodwin, Mooresville, $250, and Shane Williams, Mooresville, $2,621. Expenses went to Sign For It, Mooresville, $2,628.

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