This Sliding House is Just the Coolest

This home in Suffolk, England, may be the most innovative example of outdoor/indoor living we’ve ever seen. Designed by architecture and design studio dRMM, The Sliding House was conceived as a space where residents could entertain, grow food and enjoy the surrounding landscape all in the same structure.

The motor-driven enclosure that slides along the structure weighs an astounding 20 tons, and connects all three buildings (house, garage and guest house) as well as the open air spaces in between.


The Sliding House is a stunning example of forward thinking modern architecture. Photo: Alex De Rijke

The kinetic nature of this house allows its residents to take full advantage of all the seasons have to offer. With a roof that moves, exposing open spaces and a glass enclosed living area, open air living can be enjoyed on beautiful sunny days. Then, when the temperature drops and the rain starts to fall, the motorized roof can be repositioned.


A diagram of the Sliding House and its parts. Photo: dRMM

The combination of glass and wood creates a stunning feature in the surrounding Suffolk countryside, both during the day and lit up at night.


The Sliding House as seen at night in Suffolk, England. Photo: Alex De Rijke

It’s no wonder that the house, which was constructed in 2009, has won several awards, including the Royal Institute of Architects’ East Award.

Nat Jackson of The Architectural Review also sang the structure’s praises.

”This is an architectural coup de theatre, which is certainly unique in Britain and perhaps anywhere.”


The glass enclosed living area of the Sliding House. Photo: Alex De Rijke

And Ross Russell, the Sliding House client, had similarly glowing reviews about both the house and the process undergone in creating it.

"I think the house is both beautiful and practical, but what really marked out the project for me was the collaboration between architect and client during which the input from each of us, professional and amateur, was valued but critically tested by the other."


An open air section of the Sliding House. Photo: Alex De Rijke

We must admit, the idea of living in a house like this is near heavenly. Imagine the open air baths and sun bathed lounges on the couch. Move over sliding doors, we’ll take a sliding house please.


In case you thought bath time couldn’t be any more luxurious than it already is, the Sliding House manages to achieve it. Photo: Alex De Rijke

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