This Shower Curtain Evicts You When You Waste Water


With California caught up in such a historic drought that the state is enacting record $1.5 million dollar fines for water violations, there’s currently a whirlpool of buzz about conserving water.

London-based installation artist Elisabeth Buecher designed her own creative way to address the issue. And even if you aren’t the most eco-minded person, it is sure to get your attention.

Her imaginative solution? Shower curtains that literally evict you from the tub. Just take a look at what happens to a hapless water-waster when faced with Buecher’s “Spiky” curtain.

The artist calls it a “design for pain and for our own good.” 


(Plastic spikes shoot out of the ‘Spiky’ shower curtain when it’s time to dry off. Credit: Elisabeth Buecher)

The Spiky curtain allows you just four minutes under the water – so scrub down quick – and then the rapidly inflating spikes shove you out. You can’t stand in the shower any longer because the spikes take up all the space, Buecher explains on her Web site

Spiky is one of two shower curtains that Buecher designed for a project called “My Shower Curtain is a Green Warrior,” which debuted at the 2015 Milan Furniture Fair.

The other curtain in the series, “Trap,” also inflates when your shower time is up – only instead of pushing you out, it boxes you in. Claustrophobes, beware.


(The ‘Trap’ shower curtain gradually inflates the longer you shower, ensnaring you within a plastic cocoon. Credit: Elisabeth Buecher)

Neither curtain is currently for sale, unfortunately.

“These curtains are not products but art installations,” says Buecher on her Web site. “They aim at provoking a debate around water issues and making people more aware of their consumption.”

Which they do – even as we’re giggling at Buecher’s ideas. So maybe it’s time to invest in a low-flow shower head. Or, try another creative water-saving idea – spray painting your lawn green in lieu of watering it, for instance – in the meantime.

And if you’re looking for a less dramatic way to encourage shorter showers, there are gadgets for sale like the Water Pebble will flash red lights when it’s time to get out. Not as dramatic as spikes, though.

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