This Pumpkin's Got Bling!


Who doesn’t like a little bling?! Add sparkle and elegance to your decorating repetoire this halloween by decking out your pumpkin in a beautiful string of jewels.



  • Plastic pumpkin

  • Bead garlands

  • Black duct tape


  • Hot glue gun and glue sticks



  1. Form the stem of your pumpkin using black duct tape. Tear strips of the tape and begin wrapping them around the base of the already existing stem in an upward direction.You can mold the “stem” by squeezing and bending it to your desired shape.

  2. Secure the end of the bead garland in place at the base of your duct tape stem with the glue gun, and using small dots of glue to adhere it, wrap the garland tightly around the pumpkin.

  3. Continue this until your entire pumpkin is covered in beads.

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