This Neglected Rabbit Now Has The Best Jumpers After Having His Matted Fur Removed


A rabbit whose fur was so matted that it stopped him from moving now has a swanky jumper collection after having it all shaved off.

Rambo was in such a neglected state that he was close to death when he arrived at the New Hanover County Rabbit Rescue of Wilmington in North Carolina.

His owner had let the Angora rabbit’s fur get so long and matted that he was barely able to move or even go to the toilet.


Swanky: Rambo has some trendy jumpers to keep him warm (NHC Rabbit Rescue of Wilmington)

This appalling state led him to develop life-threatening conditions and his fur was tangled up with his own faeces.

The rescue centre’s founder, Jenny Hoyt, told The Dodo: “Rambo’s owner stated that they gave him up to me because it wasn’t getting along with the other rabbit.

"Once I got the rabbit home, I could tell that there was more to the story.”


Neglected: The rabbit’s fur was left to grow to dangerous levels (NHC Rabbit Rescue of Wilmington)

Rambo was treated at the centre, and the decision was moved to shave his hair off in an attempt to save his life, leaving with him with a few unavoidable cuts.

And to stop Rambo from getting too cold, he was given a collection of jumpers as he worked on recovering.

Now he is learning how to be a cleaner pet and the search is on to find him a new home where he can be treated properly.

Top pic: NHC Rabbit Rescue of Wilmington