This Clever Gadget That Promises To Get Rid Of Period Pain. Life. Made.


A new gadget promises to turn off period pain instantly [Photo: Rex Features]

Ah that time of the month. It’s such a pain. Metaphorically and literally. If you find yourself chugging your way through a couple of packets of Nurofen every month when aunt Flo comes to stay, you might want to hear about a clever new gadget which promises to get rid of the pain of period cramps, painkillers not required.

Livia clips handily onto your waistband and links to two little stickers that attach to your lower tummy to target the area you get the cramps. The stickers send pulses that stimulate the nerves, blocking pain receptors and preventing pain messages from travelling to the brain. Because as Livia explains in their demonstration video, we feel pain, thanks to pulses from our brain, so the clever little gadget works by stopping the brain’s pain signals right at the source. Period pain be gone.


The gadgets makers claim it works faster than painkillers [Photos: Indiegogo/livia]

The gadget’s makers claim it works even faster than painkillers, is super safe and doesn’t cause users any side effects. Better still it can all be charged through a USB port. Designed to be discreet enough to wear under your clothes and coming in pastel shades it’s pretty, well pretty.


We need this gadget in our lives! [Photos: Indiegogo/livia]

After a successful Indiegogo campaign, Livia will launch online and be available for purchase in October 2016. At $85 (around £60), each gadget doesn’t come cheap, but the company promise it will last years, which will ultimately save you money, (those packets of Nurofen add up y’know!)


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