This Babysitter Will Take Your Kids to See Taylor Swift So You Don't Have To


Photo by D Dipasupil /Getty Images

You’re a great parent, so you try to take an interest in your children’s interests. You bought them Taylor Swift’s new album, “1989,” the day it came out. You know all the words to “Shake It Off.” You know which lyric was written about Jake Gyllenhaal and which refers to Harry Styles. And, being The Best Parent Ever, you even scored highly coveted tickets to Swift’s 1989 World Tour, which kicks off in May.

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But even you draw the line somewhere, and attending the show — filled with squealing teenage fans, those self-proclaimed Swifties — sounds like a nightmare.

Good news! Shellie Wass, a 25-year-old in Philadelphia, has offered to jump in and escort your kids in your place. “Parents: I am willing to buy your ticket from you and take your kids to Taylor Swift! This is great for you, because you don’t have to go to something that you don’t understand, and I get the opportunity of a lifetime to see Taylor Swift!” she writes in her Craigslist ad. “Reasons you should let me take your kids to Taylor Swift: 1. I know all the words to all her songs and can sing along with your kids, unlike you. 2. You get $100+ back to do whatever you want with. Woah, think of all the extra pies you can buy for Thanksgiving! 3. Your kids won’t have to be embarrassed of you! This is really what’s most important to your kids. They don’t have to be with someone standing there bored with ear plugs in because I will be loud and singing along with them and forcing them to have the best time ever. (JK there will be no force, we will be fast friends and they will have a GREAT time all because Taylor will be there!)”

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Photo courtesy Shellie Wass

Other reasons include Wass’s willingness to partake in a synchronized dance to “Shake It Off” and her enthusiasm for pizza, which she will eat with your kids, pre-concert, in the parking lot. And finally, she’s also “completely okay with them standing there and ignoring me and pretending we aren’t together at all, and then escorting them to your car so that you can take them home.”

She’s not looking for pay, just a way into the concert. “I’m a huge fan of Taylor Swift and I missed out on both pre-sale days because they sold out in under a minute,” Wass tells Yahoo Parenting. She’s got childcare experience, too. “I was a babysitter in high school, and have a 5-year-old sibling. Plus, I’m a full-time dog sitter. So I do have professional nannying experience, but it’s for animals.”

In her ad, Wass offers to submit to a criminal background check and “whatever other proof you need to know I’m not an evil person.”

The idea for the ad came when Wass went to a Miley Cyrus concert last year. “I remember seeing parents there with their children, and the parents looked miserable, and the kids looked just awkward being there with Mom and Dad.”

Of course, not all parents are dying to escape Swift. “I like Taylor Swift more than my kids do, I think,” wrote one parent on Facebook. “If my kids went, it’d be because I LET them come with ME!”

So far, Wass says no parents have responded to her ad.

This means that your dream-come-true (free!) babysitter is still available, if you live in Philly. You’re welcome.