Third Grader's Unexpected Answer to Math Problem

ABC News

It can be hard to bring math problems to life, but that’s not the case for this imaginative third grader, who came up with a hilariously unconventional story to answer his math problem.

Nine-year-old Matt Resh of West Grove, Pa., was asked to write a story problem on a recent quiz that showed “20 - 13 = 7.” When he brought it home, his mother, Alison Resh, was looking over his test and was shocked by this answer:

“Matthew had 20 girlfriends. He unfortunately broke up with 13 of them. How many girlfriends does Matthew have left? Matt has 7 left.”

Alison and Matt Resh talked to the “GMA” anchors on “GMA LIVE!” today, and he said the third grade class laughed out loud at his story.

The story is fiction, his mom assured. “He keeps us on our toes and keeps us laughing almost every day.”

When asked if he really had seven girlfriends, Matt joked, “I had way more [girlfriends], I just had to do this for the problem.”

The teacher gave Matt full credit since he got the right answer, his mom said.

The creative kid scores extra points for his boldness and confidence. Another problem he came up with on the quiz: “Matt won 3 lotterys, then he won 16 more. Now HE’S RICH! How many lotterys did he win? Matt won 19.”