Thinking of going abroad? You can now travel to these countries with no restrictions

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While infection numbers remain in flux, travel restrictions are easing around the world. Here’s where things are back to the “old normal,” for now.

With the news of the U.S. ending the need for pre-departure negative COVID tests to enter this country regardless of vaccination status, the country seems to be picking up the pace in the world’s race to get back to pre-pandemic normalcy, for better or worse.

In general, by the looks of the last couple of months, travel tourism has picked up in numbers and curiosity about where one can journey. While most of the world still has reasonable protective orders in place, some nations are feeling secure enough in their fight against infections and have completely opened their borders to tourists again without the need for any COVID-related restrictions or requirements. Some of these places include the United Kingdom, Mexico, and Norway.

Photo: Getty Images
Photo: Getty Images

At this point, it is okay to travel almost anywhere, but the new norm for the last year has caused traveling to include weeks of preparatory work for travel documents, COVID-19 tests, vaccination cards, boosters, and quarantines. For some, doing all of this with the possibility of still not being able to enjoy a trip was simply not worth the hassle.

As of now, there are 40-plus countries that have entirely lifted all COVID-related travel restrictions and entry requirements, which means no need for COVID tests before arrival, no tests after arrival, no quarantine, no vaccine requirements, and no countries banned due to COVID-19. Just be aware that travel restrictions are likely to change often in these uncertain times—but for now, consider some of the countries you can freely visit, listed below.

The United Kingdom

As of March 18, 2022, England removed all entry requirements regarding COVID-19. Check out the U.K.’s government pages for more information.


As one of the most popular destinations during the pandemic, Mexico has no travel restrictions or entry requirements to enter. Check out the Mexican Embassy website for more information.

Costa Rica

Beginning April 1, 2022, Costa Rica dropped their vaccine passport mandate and now has no entry requirements to enter the country, restaurants, and closed-door spaces. Check out Costa Rica’s information here.


At the end of March, Denmark let go of entry requirements from all nations, as well as social restrictions. Find more information on Denmark here.


Norway was one of the first European countries to completely can all COVID-related travel entry requirements, travel restrictions, and their banned countries list. To visit today, check out its tourism page.


As of March 1, 2022, Jordan does not require any COVID tests, quarantines, or travel restrictions to enter the country. Find more information here.


Curaçao currently has no COVID-19 entry barriers for the country. For more information and updates,  check out the latest updates here.


Starting March 19, 2022, Aruba removed all entry requirements and restrictions to travel to the country. Find more information here.


As of April 4, 2022, Grenada is open to all travelers vaccinated and unvaccinated with no travel restrictions or tests required to enter the country. Look out for updates on Grenada’s website.


Mask mandates, proof of vaccination, quarantines, and tests are not necessary to travel to Sweden as of April 1, 2022. Look here for more information.


On March 28th, Poland lifted all COVID-related restrictions and entry requirements. To learn more, visit Poland Travel.


The first thing you will see when on Visit Argentina’s website is tests are no longer necessary to enter the country. The rest of the COVID-19 entry requirements and travel restrictions have also been removed.

Saudi Arabia

No proof of vaccination, tests, or quarantine is required to travel to Saudi Arabia. However, you may still have to show proof of travel health insurance and fill out health forms. Visit Saudi Tourism for more information.


Hungary removed travel entry requirements concerning COVID-19 on March 7, 2022, as well as most of its indoor protocols. Check out Visit Hungary to learn more.


Not only has the Maldives dumped all pandemic entry requirements and travel and social restrictions, but it has long since ended its state of emergency period. For more information, head to Visit Maldives.


On April 6th, 2022, Slovakia eased mandates on all COVID tests, vaccination, quarantine, and passenger locator forms to enter the country. To get up to date, visit Slovakia’s tourism website.


As of March 15, 2022, Mongolia officially removed all pandemic-related travel entry requirements, restrictions, and bans to enter the country. Visit Mongolia’s website for more information.


Montenegro is maintaining mask mandates and social distancing, but there is no longer a need for COVID-19 tests, vaccinations, or quarantines to enter. For more travel information, visit here.


Ireland is currently rid of all COVID-related travel entry requirements and restrictions, including the need for tests, vaccinations, quarantines, and health forms to enter. Get travel updates here.


No vaccination or PCR tests are required to enter Armenia as of May 1. Keep up to date on travel restrictions here.


As of May 1, all Bulgarian travel restrictions have ceased. Find current travel information here.

El Salvador

All COVID restrictions were lifted in February. Up-to-date travel information can be found here.


For the summer months, Greece has suspended all COVID-related travel restrictions. Reevaluations for September will take place; check on the status here.


As of this writing, all COVID-related entry requirements have been lifted in Iceland; travel updates can be found here.


In mid-April, Jamaica got rid of its mask and COVID-related entry requirements; updated information can be found here.


All COVID-related requirements and documentation have ceased in Kuwait since May 1st. Stay up to date on travel restrictions here.


May 1st marked the date Lithuania got rid of COVID-related requirements in the country. Current travel information is available here.


Vietnam became the first Southeast Asian country to cease COVID-related tests and requirements to travel to the country, though travel insurance is still required. Stay current on advisories here.

Noel Cymone Walker
Noel Cymone Walker

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