Things About Self-Defence that Every Girl Should Know

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Self-defence for women is the need of the hour. With a bit of training and wit, you can save yourself. Remember, despite those emergency numbers provided for women, you alone can save yourself at the moment of attack. Become a human weapon and be better equipped, here is how:

Empower your purse

Besides all the girly toiletry, make space for pepper spray, tasers, stun gun, a sharp folding knife, a lighter and if possible, a revolver. In India, you are allowed to own a revolver, shot gun and sporting rifle of certain specifications. However, guns are quite expensive and you would also need a license from the authority.

Here, know about some license-free yet effective measures:

Taser Gun: This electrical self-defence device uses high voltage to stop an attacker. It can momentarily stun or render an attacker unconscious.

Stun Gun: The stun gun interrupts the tiny neurological impulses that control and direct voluntary muscle movement. Attacker is unable to produce energy for his muscles, and he loses his balance. The best places to hit are neck, shoulder, abdomen and groin.

Pepper Spray- It makes breathing difficult, and swells the veins in the eyes, causing them to close.

Apart from these, use key chains that have sharp pointed edges like the ninja spike or cat key chains. Always have a personal alarm which is a small electronic handheld device that flashes bright lights and gives out a loud siren when activated. Although you cannot use it for attacking, it can scare the attacker away.

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Important: Do not let these self-defence items sleep at the bottom of your purse. Also, you must train yourself in using these weapons. Keep in mind that if you attack and miss, these weapons can be used against you. So, you have almost no scope for error.

Numbers on speed dial

Always buy a phone that has speed dial facility. Three numbers should always be on your speed dial – the police emergency number, the emergency number of women’s cell and your parents. For good measure, feed in one of your friend’s number as well.

Driving at night

The parking lot is a very dangerous place for women. Reach for your car swiftly, get in and drive off. Do not waste time in the parking lot trying to assemble things in the car. Secondly, lock the car as soon as you get in. Thirdly, use remote control locking systems and open the car door a couple of seconds before you reach the vehicle. Do not open earlier because it gives the assailant a chance to sneak-in.

Things to keep in your car while driving at night- Some of the self-defence items you can keep in your car are a hand gun, bats or golf clubs, a tin of chilli powder and all the articles that you already have in your purse. Make sure that you have a good alarm system that you can activate in case the attacker gets in.

Personal defence

Anti-rape underwear is a great invention for women's safety. The slight discomfort you might feel is worth it if it helps you protect yourself. Also, allot some time every day to attend self-defence classes. If you own smartphones, you can use apps such as My Panic Alarm, SOS Emergency, Global SOS, SafeSnap and Attack Alarm SMS that are specially meant for self-defence.

Become a Human Weapon- here is how:

  • If the attacker has a knife then to add a layer of protection, you should immediately hold your purse in front of your chest.
  • If you are trapped, use your knees to cause injury. Knees bend in one direction, no matter what angle you come from, so, it is likely to cause more injury.
  • If an auto-rickshaw driver is forcefully taking you to a wrong path, you can make him immobile. Just pull his hair from the back. Bring him down to maximum and then strike in his eyes or the adam's apple. This step would cause an accident, but it is still better than the unfortunate-situation you might land-up in.
  • Attack the weakest parts of the human body like eyes, throat, ears, jaw, groin, knees.

So, you are not really vulnerable, unless you consider yourself to be so. Gear up and accept responsibility for your own safety.

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