Thieves in San Rafael impersonating federal agents, according to police

Thieves in San Rafael impersonating federal agents, according to police

(KRON) — Thieves in San Rafael have been impersonating federal agents and targeting pedestrians on the street in recent week, according to the San Rafael Police Department. In a series of incidents, the impersonators have approached people in their vehicles or walking on the street and demanded their wallets or cash before subsequently stealing them.

According to police, the modus operandi of these crimes has seen suspects approach people, identify themselves falsely as federal agents and then flee with wallets or cash.

“The San Rafael Police Department wants to assure the public that no legitimate federal agents are involved in these incidents,” police said. “If you are approached by someone claiming to be a law enforcement officer and you feel uncertain about their identity, we urge you to call your local police department immediately.”

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Police emphasized that law enforcement agents would never demand someone’s entire wallet, purse or cash. “A simple identification card is sufficient to establish identity,” police said. “Do not turn over your entire wallet to anyone.”

San Rafael PD’s Investigations Unit is actively pursuing leads to put a stop to these crimes, police said. In the meantime, police advise verifying identification of anyone claiming to be a law enforcement official, checking whether they’re in a marked police vehicle, observing whether they exhibit professional behavior, and asking questions about the nature of the inquiry.

“Genuine officers will provide clear and reasonable explanations,” police said.

If you do suspect you’ve been contacted by someone impersonating an officer or federal agent, San Rafael PD advises that you remain calm, avoid confrontation, don’t hand over personal items, and politely inform them that you will contact the police department to verify.

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