There's a Mentally Ill Gunman on the Loose in Tacoma, Washington

Adam Clark Estes

Police rushed to the scene following reports of a gun-toting man walking through a Tacoma, Washington neighborhood firing shots at random on Tuesday afternoon. Now, the shooter is holed up in a house and heavily armed. It's unclear how many shots he fired in the streets, but police say they received about a dozen 911 calls from a residential area of northeast Tacoma. Apparently, several homes were hit. The identity of the suspect is also unknown at this time, though local news stations report that he's been identified by neighbors as having mental health issues. He may have also been drinking today and is carrying "four high power assault weapons."

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This is a scary situation. Authorities have told residents to stay in their homes and confirmed that the suspect was not yet in custody. While the situation is still developing, the latest reports say that the SWAT team is on the scene, and police have asked the media not to broadcast live footage of the standoff. (This is probably a good idea, after the very unfortunate ending of a live broadcast car chase on Fox News last year.) For now, we don't know much more but will keep this post updated as the story develops.

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