There’s A Disgusting Reason Why You Shouldn't Eat Food At Your Desk


If you’re the kind of person that enjoys eating lunch at your desk, then we’ve got some stomach-turning news for you.

Researchers says that your keyboard is a thriving bacteria colony covered in legions of germs - and you’re only making it worse by eating at your desk.

Teams from the American Society of Microbiology analysed ceilings, carpets and walls in offices across three cities using molecular biology.

Unsurprisingly, they found that keyboards are a hot-bed of bacteria, and our love of food is helping this thrive.

Joanne Verran from Manchester Metropolitan University explained how eating at your desk can ‘feed’ the germs.


She told The Conversation: ‘The fact is, most of the bacteria that you’re likely to find in offices can survive for several weeks without much nourishment.

‘But they can only multiply if water and nutrients such as dust, crumbs and skin scales become available, and if the temperature is hospitable.

‘So, if you’ve eaten lunch at your desk recently, or if it’s been a while since you cleaned your keyboard or phone, the chances are that your colleagues aren’t the only life forms you’re sharing your work space with.’

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