@thefatjewish: The king of Instagram

By Kaye Foley

Josh Ostrovsky, also known as “The Fat Jewish” or the “Fat Jew,” is making a new name for himself as an Instagram sensation. What started as an outlet to simply share funny memes and pictures has turned into a full-time job for Ostrovsky. “The Fat Jewish” has over 3 million Instagram followers and counting. Yahoo Global News Anchor Katie Couric met up with Ostrovsky at Karma Nails and Spa in Sunnyside, Queens, to hear about his rise to Internet superstardom over pedicures.

While his fame reaches beyond his Instagram feed (Ostrovsky performs crazy stunts and is currently working on a book as well as a pilot for Comedy Central), it’s there that he’s found his largest audience.

“I’ve gotten hit up by people being like, ‘You know you really pulled me out of my daily struggle.’” Ostrovsky jokes. “I’m basically a hero.”

It’s not just about the laughs for Ostrovsky. He’s turned “The Fat Jewish” into a moneymaking operation. In addition to paid appearances, he has brands asking him to create online videos and Instagram pictures showing off their products, hoping to cash in on his millions of followers. On Super Bowl Sunday, Ostrovsky had Craftsman Tools build him a giant bowl, which he filled with chili and sat in to watch the big game.

“Brands know I have an army of children,” he says. “And they basically let me make videos for them, commercials essentially for the Internet, and let me do whatever… I’m just seeing how much I can possibly get away with.”

Ostrovsky, 31, allows his imagination to run wild and delivers some outlandish hijinks, often involving food and nudity. As for his daily Instagram posts, he has help from a team of interns working out of the waxing room of another nail salon in Queens. They help him search the Internet for the craziest, most absurd material out there, so he can share with his fans.

Despite his habit of sitting in bowls of chili, Ostrovsky has found love. He and his longtime girlfriend had an intimate wedding a few months ago. But it wasn’t without “The Fat Jewish” touch. “The best part about it? Officiated by Tyrese [Gibson].”

The couple has two rescued Cavalier King Charles spaniels, Muppet and Toast. Toast is, in fact, a huge Instagram celebrity in her own right. Her account @toastmeetsworld has 180,000 followers. Known for her trademark tongue, Toast has become quite the fashion icon. She recently modeled for Karen Walker’s summer 2015 eyewear campaign.

“2015 is weird,” Ostrovsky says when reflecting on his life. “How many memories can we make? That’s really what I’m going for.”

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