I Want to Be Alone! 72 percent of American Women Will Vacation Solo This Year


(Photo: Thinkstock)

There’s a new power traveler in town, and she doesn’t have a Y chromosome.

More and more women travelers are spending their hard-earned money on travel—and they’re doing it on their own.

The face of solo travel is changing. With the rise of social media and increased connectivity, women are finding it easier, safer, and more appealing to set out on their own.

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According to new statistics from Booking.com, the solo female traveler is on a mission to be refreshed and inspired. She is determined to break from daily routines and explore new views, rhythms, and cultures. And, she is doing it often: 59% of female solo travelers surveyed said that they would travel again in the next 12 months. Taking a solo holiday isn’t strictly for the single ladies, either—the survey included women with partners and children.


American women average three or more trips per year. They take solo vacations mainly to get some “me time”— away from their families, friends and work. They also like the ability to set their own agendas and make their own rules.

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When it comes to the benefits of solo travel, the overwhelming response from women across global markets is centered on rejuvenation and empowerment. Thirty percent said that vacationing alone allows them the chance for total rest and relaxation, and 63% said they feel more invigorated after a solo trip compared to a trip with friends and family.

We know you love your friends and family, but sometimes you need to love yourself just a little bit more.