The Most Annoying Travel Pet Peeves Ever!


The things that make you go “UGH!” (Photo: Getty Images)

Even if you’re the most patient of saints, sometimes you’re still going to get fed up when you travel. It’s all those…people. Tourists who use selfie sticks in crowded places. Noobs who slow down the airport security line. Clueless flyers who bring stinky food on the plane. Thoughtless dolts who carve their initials into historic sites (or worse).

We asked our Yahoo Travel Explorers, a group that’s constantly criss-crossing the globe, to share their biggest travel pet peeves. What are yours? Tell us in the comments below.

English-Language Shouters


Do you really think that if you shout loud enough, they’ll suddenly understand English? (Photo: Danil Nevsky/Stocksy)

My biggest pet peeve is not making an effort to speak the local language at all and assuming that everyone overseas is fluent in English. I was behind an American in a bakery in Crans-Montana, Switzerland a few years ago, and he kept shouting "NO, THE ONE ON THE LEFT” to the poor girl who was trying to help him. Really, you don’t want to try a little French, and a little respect? —Eric Støen, Travel Babbo

Airplane Aisle Swarms

When everybody stands up ready to rush off the plane as fast as they can, only to end up waiting together at immigration…and then again at the luggage carousel. Relax. The speed of your journey to the hotel is not affected in the least by your ambition. It’s decided by baggage handlers. —Matt Gibson, Xpat Matt

Obnoxiously Competitive Travelers

My biggest pet peeve are those travel snobs who simply must explain why they’re a better traveler than you. Travel is not a competition. Annoying phrases I’ve encountered from a travel snobs include: “Oh, you didn’t visit Northern Burma? Well you’ve not really experienced it properly, have you?” “Drinking a cappuccino? We prefer to immerse ourselves in the culture — we’re drinking this yak’s milk tea.” “You travel with a laptop? Oh, I much prefer to interact with the people I’m traveling with.” —Lucy Hemmings, Lucy’s Miles Away

Gate Lice


Crowding around the gate isn’t going to get you to your destination any faster. (Photo: Sean Locke/Stocksy)

My pet peeve is gate lice — people who line up next to the gate 20 minutes before the plane starts to board in the hopes that they get on 30 seconds before everyone else. Since most airlines now board using some variation of groups or zones, it’s pointless behavior. It also confuses those who don’t travel often, and so the net result is that 50 people are crowding the gate and usually screw up the entire boarding process. —Matt Long, LandLopers

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Noisy Hostel Mates

I get so annoyed when I stay at a hostel and people walk into the room after midnight, flick on the lights, and rustle plastic bags. Usually it happens when I need to be up at 4 a.m. to get to the airport. —Pamela MacNaughtan, Savoir Faire Abroad

Eco-Clueless Jet-Setters

I wish more travelers would be considerate of their carbon footprint. Traveling is an egregiously ungreen act to begin with, so it’s vital to make a simple effort to do it responsibly. Choose public transit and bikes instead of the car. Stay at eco-conscious hotels that go beyond the we-won’t-wash-your-towel policy. Dine at restaurants that source local ingredients. Take a reusable water bottle with you instead of buying plastic. Connect with the great outdoors and with local communities. Plus, you’ll discover that "green” travel will actually enhance your experience and create more memorable adventures. —Lauren Matison Crossley, offMetro

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Entitled Eaters


“Can I get a tofu version of the beef kebabs? With organic dressing? On the side?” (Photo: Sean Locke/Stocksy)

People who have special “dietary requirements” and expect the entire world to abide by their own random fad diet. It’s rude to yell at a Mongolian who barely speaks English about how there should be no meat in your meal, when you are in a country that eats nothing but meat…just saying! —Meagen Collins, Five Dollar Traveller

The Entire TSA Experience

One of my biggest travel pet peeves is going through airport security. Trying to gather multiple layers of clothing (because I am always freezing on planes), my laptop, shoes, belt, passport, purse, and carry-on suitcase in a mad dash so as not to create a pile-on situation, then juggling all my belongings while I speedily shuffle to find an open bench where I can get dressed and repack my items, feels like a training drill for a Tough Mudder race. I need a shower by the time I’m done. —Nora Walsh, Patchwork Compass

Travel Snobs Who Say Everything Is “Too Touristy”

I dislike those who discredit doing anything “too touristy.” To a degree, I understand wanting to stay away from tourist traps, but there are some attractions/experiences/places that are essential to a city’s DNA, so it’s like, what point are you trying to prove by not going? — Alexandra E. Petri, The Write Way Around

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Burger Fiends


Must. Have. Burger. (Photo: Ragnar Schmuck/fstop/Corbis)

People who get mad and complain loudly when they go to a local restaurant in a foreign country and find there are no burgers on the menu. If you wanted everything the same as it was at home, you could have just stayed there! —Laurel Robbins, Monkeys and Mountains

Baggage Carousel Colonizers

What annoys me when traveling is inconsiderate family-spreading at the baggage carousel. NYC subway riders have to contend with manspread — “gentlemen” who spread their legs into a wide “V” and claim more than their fair share of seat space. But what annoys me more are families who line up, with all of their carry-on bags, along the baggage carousel. They claim more prime turf than the Cowboys’ offensive line and make it impossible to grab your bag, which always arrives before any of theirs. —Catherine Bennett Kopf, The Open Suitcase

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Seat Space Invaders

A pet peeve of mine is when you sit next to someone who doesn’t understand personal space. Their arm is spilling over the armrest, their leg is invading your leg space. I know airplane seats are getting smaller, but we’re all suffering together so it’s important to be mindful of the space you take up. —Tausha Cowan, The Globe Getter

Inconsiderate Sneezers


Keep your germs to yourself, please! (Photo: Sean Locke/Stocksy)

I get frustrated when fellow travelers are sick and don’t try to minimize the spread of germs. In Japan, it’s courtesy to wear a face mask if you’re ill, to avoid getting those around you sick. I don’t think passengers need to go that far, but at the very least, I wish they would cover their mouths and noses when they cough and sneeze, clean their hands frequently, and avoid touching high-use public areas. I’m already a bit germophobic, and sitting next to someone who “hack! phtoo! sniffs!” into my personal space is as stressful as it gets! La Carmina

Isolationist Travelers

Our biggest pet peeve is travelers who don’t take the time to learn any of the customs, cultures, and language of the countries they are traveling to, and as a result completely disrespect the people of the nation they are visiting. —Jarryd Salem and Alesha Bradford, Nomadasaurus

Under-the-Seat-Space Hogs

An airplane pet peeve of mine is people who put their tiny bags in the overhead bin instead of at their feet so then there isn’t any room for the larger carry-on bags. It also drives me crazy when people in the bulkhead seats try to store things under their seats when all of their things are suppose to go in the overhead bin. The space beneath your seat is for the person behind you. —Cailin O'Neil, Travel Yourself

Overhead Bin Bunglers

I find airplanes seem to bring out the worst in people. If you are putting your bags in the overheard container, try to do it quickly. If it’s taking a while, maybe scoot in your row so you don’t hold up the entire line of people. Also, if you are watching something or listening to music, please don’t just play it out loud. Headphones people! Kelley Ferro

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