The Gold series 2: Release date, cast, plot for BBC's Brink's-Mat drama

Gold fever will continue on the BBC

The first season of The Gold told the story of the real Brink's-Mat robbery that took place in 1983. (BBC)

BBC heist drama The Gold has been renewed for a second series following a well-received first outing that attracted over 8 million viewers, making it one of the broadcaster’s top new shows.

Based on real events, The Gold told a dramatised version of the 1983 Brink’s-Mat gold heist where around £26 million worth of gold was stolen from a security warehouse near London’s Heathrow Airport.

At the time, this crime was believed to have been the most lucrative gold heist ever, with the amount stolen equating to around £93 million by today’s standards.

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What followed was a criminal case where authorities tried to track down those involved whilst recovering as much stolen gold as possible. However, it was easier said than done — with much of the stolen gold spread throughout the world and eventually crossing paths with those associated with organised crime and money laundering.

Today, it is widely believed that anyone who bought an item of gold jewellery after 1983 could very well own some of the material stolen during the Brink’s-Mat heist.

When will The Gold series 2 be released?

The Gold is based on a real-life gold heist which took place in 1983. (BBC)
The Gold is based on a real-life gold heist which took place in 1983. (BBC)

A second series of The Gold was confirmed in late November 2023 along with details of the new cast members who will be joining the returning faces from season 1.

The show’s first series aired on the BBC in the UK and later on Paramount+. However, it is believed that Paramount+ will not be involved in broadcasting its second series.

A release date has not yet been revealed but filming is scheduled to take place in January 2024.

Is there a trailer for The Gold series 2?

Unfortunately, we don’t have a trailer for The Gold series 2 just yet.

Who is in The Gold series 2?

The first series of The Gold starred Downton Abbey’s Hugh Bonneville as DCI Brian Boyce. Together with Charlotte Spencer’s DI Nicki Jennings and Emun Elliott’s DI Tony Brightwell, the trio attempted to track down those responsible for stealing the gold during the Brink's-Mat heist.

A man holds a gold bar in his hand.
Jack Lowden played Kenneth Noye in The Gold season 1. (BBC)

Each of these stars will return for the show’s second series, alongside series one actors Tom Cullen as John Palmer, Stefani Martini as Marnie Palmer and Sam Spruell as Charlie Miller.

Additional cast members are due to be unveiled as production gets underway. It’s currently unclear whether series one stars Dominic Cooper, Sean Harris or Jack Lowden will be back.

What is the plot of The Gold series 2?

Series two will try to track down the remaining gold. (BBC)
Series two will try to track down the remaining gold. (BBC)

Warning: Spoilers for The Gold follow

By the time series one of The Gold had ended, DCI Boyce had managed to arrest a selection of criminals linked to the stolen gold. However, it was quickly discovered that those captured had only taken half of what was missing. The show ended strongly suggesting that Charlie Miller (Sam Spruell) had something to do with the other half, revealing him to be living the high life on the Costa Del Sol.

The show’s news series promises to investigate exactly what happened to that other missing half.

The official synopsis for The Gold series 2 explains: “As the police investigation continues, it becomes a tense, high-stakes journey into international money laundering and organised crime, while the police embark on dramatic manhunts as they desperately try to solve the longest and most expensive investigation in the history of the Metropolitan Police.”

These themes were doubled down upon by the show’s executive producer Neil Forsyth who said: “I am delighted that we have been given the opportunity to tell the rest of the Brink’s-Mat story, which sees the consequences of the robbery and its aftermath grow only more surprising, dramatic and far-reaching, both in Britain and around the world.”

The Gold series 2 is coming soon to the BBC and iPlayer.

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