The Easiest Way to Create a Love Poem


If you’re not familiar with "Found Poetry" art, we’d love to introduce you to it. The simple act of photocopying a page in a book, can lead to unique and beautiful poetry, perfect for gift giving.

Yahoo Makers: Wedding Decoration Project for Book Lovers

When you take the page of a book out of context, and stare at it with an open mind, it’s amazing to find that certain words will pop right out at you. Funny, poignant and inspirational sentences and phrases will form right before your eyes.

Yahoo Makers: Turn Old Frames into Art

Your poetry then quickly turns to artwork with the help of a few crayons and a simple frame - a little doodling, crossing out and circling and you’re left with a perfect gift for Valentine’s Day!


  • 3 frames

  • 3 xeroxed pages from a novel (we had our Kindle on hand)

  • Crayons

  • Grease pencils


  • Scissors


1. Chose your words that inspire you on the xeroxed page or words that you like together.


2. Circle those words with grease pencil or crayon.


3. Cross out all of the other words/lines with grease a pencil or crayon.


4. Cut the page to frame size and insert it into the frame.


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