The 'American Horror Story: Asylum' team wishes you Happy Hell-idays

Sarah D. Bunting
American Horror Story: Asylum
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We admire anyone who gets it together to send holiday cards, but the one from the folks at "American Horror Story: Asylum" had visions of shock treatments dancing in our heads. The guy in the back row is particularly freaking us out…what is he looking at? And why is Ian "Swearengen" McShane looking so repentant?

We noticed a couple of interesting changes and omissions; a lot of main cast members aren't shown (Sarah Paulson and James Cromwell, to name a couple), and Sister Jude is back in uniform. We'll all just have to watch the upcoming "AHS:A" Christmas episode to see what's going on with that. The hour features a murderous Santa, because of course it does, plus Sister Jude fighting Satan, and a big shock for Dr. Arden.

But in the meantime, print this card out and put it on the mantel next to the fossilized fruitcake from Aunt Shirley, which is just as scary...and tell us what you think of the card in the comments. Scary? Funny? Not the same without Leatherface?

Dig the promo for the un-jolly St. Nick episode, "Unholy Night," right here:

"American Horror Story: Asylum" airs on Wednesdays at 10 PM on FX.