Teyana Taylor’s Best Moments

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Teyana Taylor is making headlines after she announced that she and her husband, Iman Shumpert have separated. According to a post she shared on her Instagram, the pair have quietly handled their separation over the past several months. After 10 years together and seven years married, she said they have worked out a great co-parenting system.

“We are still the best of friends, great business partners and are one hell of a team when it comes to co-parenting our 2 beautiful children,” she explained in the caption “Most importantly we are FAMILY & in the 10yrs together, 7yrs married we ain’t ever played with or about THAT. We just keep y’all asses out the group chat lol, which is the reason we’ve been able to successfully & peacefully separate without all of the outside noise. “

Her gracefulness in addressing the public about rumors is why she is revered as a woman who handles her business with class. Here are some other moments from the the artists that have helped define her as a professional and a person.

Teyana Taylor and Her Class Throughout The Years

Taylor’s most recent moment that has shown her class was her return to music on Diddy’s newest project, “The Love Album: Off The Grid.” Back in December of 2020, the artist announced that she was going to retire from music during an Instagram Live. She said she felt “underrated,” “overlooked” and got the “shorter end of the stick” by her label Def Jam over the years.

Earlier in the year, she made her official debut as a creative director for artists’ live performances. So far she has worked with the likes of Latto, Summer Walker, and Lola Brooke. She has even announced that she will be assisting Lil Baby on his tour.

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Taylor even stepped into the creative director realm in photography when she teamed up with pretty Little Thing. She hopped on their campaign which included names like Latto, Doja Cat and Winnie Harlow.

Finally, her Last Rose Petal Tour was one that fans won’t forget. Not only is she a talented singer but she is also the embodiment of stage presence. Taylor even gave some very sensual lap dances to some lucky members of the audience for each stop of her show!

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