Texas woman, 25, sues Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones claiming he’s her father

Cowboys Jerry Jones Lawsuit Football (Copyright 2021 The Associated Press. All rights reserved.)
Cowboys Jerry Jones Lawsuit Football (Copyright 2021 The Associated Press. All rights reserved.)
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A 25-year-old woman has filed a lawsuit against Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones alleging he is her biological father.

Alexandria Davis, who filed the suit last week in Texas’s Dallas County, said she was bound by a confidentially agreement signed by her mother Cynthia Davis and Mr Jones, 79, which dated back to 1998 and did not legally have a father.

On Wednesday, Ms Davis asked the court to find that she isn’t legally bound by that agreement between Mr Jones - who has an estimated net worth of $10.7bn - and her mother if she attempted to establish legally that the NFL team owner is her father, although he denies he is.

A court hearing is scheduled for 31 March to consider the matter, while court records remain sealed in the case, according to The Associated Press. The Independent has meanwhile approached Dallas County Courts for comment.

The Dallas Morning News reported on Wednesday that the agreement signed by Ms Davis’s mother and Mr Jones agreed to him providing financial support to the mother and daughter as long as they did not identify him publicly.

He was already owner of the Cowboys and was married when the pair met in the mid 1990s.

Ms Davis’s mother was working as an American Airlines ticket agent and according to the court documents was “pursued” by Mr Jones, who allegedly claimed he could not have children.

Although Mr Jones denied being Ms Davis’s father in 1998 when the confidentiality agreement was signed, Ms Davis’s mother divorced her husband not longer she was born in 1996 and was already estranged when she met the Dallas Cowboys owner.

Genetic testing allegedly identified Mr Jones owner as Ms Davis’s biological father, however, when her mother divorced her husband.

While it was not clear how long the relationship between Mr Jones and Ms Davis’s mother lasted, her mother’s husband was not ordered to pay child support when the divorce was finalised, the court documents claimed. Neither did she have a legal father.

Mr Jones bought the Dallas Cowboys in 1989, and the club is among the world’s biggest sports teams. He married his current wife Eugenia Jones in 1963 and they have three children together, as well as eight grandchildren.

The Dallas Cowboys did not immediately return a request for comment from The Independent.

Additional reporting by The Associated Press.