Texas Rangers players gush over World Series rings ahead of official ceremony

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Texas Rangers players were to receive their World Series rings Saturday in a pregame ceremony at 5:15 p.m. before their game against the Chicago Cubs at 6:05 p.m. at Globe Life Field.

Rangers players and staff got to see the ring first Friday at a team dinner and Marcus Semien talked about the ring’s backstory.

“The ring tells a story,” said Semien. “ Up close and personal, you take looks at that ring and look at it from every single angle and there’s a story to it. The way we won the World Series with road games and just different things that you sit back and think, ‘Oh yeah, that was true, we did do that.’”

Josh Sborz was in awe of the intricacies when he first saw the ring, which has a multitude of gems representing the team’s accomplishments during the season.

“Unbelievable, I mean the amount of detail, we watched a video of what every diamond meant and it’s pretty wild that every diamond had a meaning to it. The time and the thought that went into it is just really amazing.”

Some of those details are the 72 points of diamonds on the border of the bezel to represent the year the Rangers came to Arlington from Washington, D.C., and the inside of the shank, which holds the player’s engraved signature, the team’s postseason series records, and the phrase “As One.”

The Rangers reliever joked he would be focused on not dropping his ring when he received it and said it would remind him of what they accomplished.

Travis Jankowski was a fan of the ring’s alternate top and overall design.

“Speechless, amazed, elated, you know, like just any positive, you know, adjective you can think of,” Jankowski said. “It’s a reflection of a lot of hard work, a lot of dedication, a lot of sacrifice and to be able to see that thing, it’s like, you know, thank you to the owners for going all in on this one.

“[The alternate top] it’s awesome, that’s what Jason of Beverly Hills does, right? He makes a ring unique and he wants to be one of a kind each and every time he does it,” said Jankowski. “I’ve seen the twist-offs with stuff underneath it, but to be able to flip it so you almost have two rings in one, genius idea, we all loved that.”

Rangers manager Bruce Bochy is no stranger to championship rings, with four in his collection. He said he would have it ready for friends itching to see his latest.

“It’s gonna be here in Texas with me, it’s not going anywhere,” Bochy said. “When I have friends come over and come up to see me, that’s the first question ... they ask me, they want to see the ring. So I don’t believe in putting it in a safe or putting it away, all my rings are out, so I can see ‘em too.”

Bochy also spoke on what it was like to see the ring Friday.

“Wonderful night, and what a beautiful ring,” Bochy said. “We talked about all the stories behind the ring, of course, the ring itself, a lot of bling, it’s big. It’s gonna be a great night (Saturday).“

Bally Sports Southwest will broadcast the ring ceremony live.