Texas militia member sentenced to almost 5 years in prison in Jan. 6 case

A Texas man who was part of a self-proclaimed militia was sentenced on Friday to serve a nearly five-year term in prison for his role in the Jan 6, 2021 attack at the Capitol.

Donald Hazard of Hurst, Texas was sentenced to prison for assaulting Capitol Police officers during the riot, according to the Justice Department.

Hazard, who labeled himself the Sergeant-at-Arms of the Patriot Boys of North Texas, gathered protective gear and supplies in preparation to attend the “Stop the Steal” rally on Jan. 6. Hazard brought a military-style helmet, knuckle gloves, goggles, body armor, and pepper spray, prosecutors said.

At approximately 2:00 p.m. Hazard, who positioned himself under scaffolding that had been erected over the stairs on the northwest side of the building, encountered Capitol Police officers as he and other rioters tried to climb the steps.

As one of the officers engaged with Hazard to force him back from the area, Hazard grabbed the officer and continued to fight with the officer as the two fell down the stairs, DOJ said.

The encounter resulted in the officer, who was not identified by DOJ, being knocked unconscious, also sustaining injuries to his head, foot, and arm, some of which required surgery.

At approximately 2:56 p.m., Hazard, who entered the building through the Parliamentarian door, began posting selfie-style videos inside and outside the building, making statements such as “We’re here at the nation’s capitol and we’re storming it. We’re taking the Capitol. . . This is America baby,” DOJ said.

Authorities added that a newspaper photographer recorded a video of Hazard marching to the Capitol, where Hazard stated “Make sure you get my face and everything on your news channel. I want the enemy to know exactly who is coming after them.”

Hazard’s sentencing comes as authorities have arrested more than 1,000 individuals for their involvement in the Capitol riot, which resulted in the deaths of five people. More than 320 people were charged with assaulting or impeding law enforcement on that day as well.

Hazard, 44, was arrested by authorities in December 2021, pleading guilty to assaulting, resisting, or impeding officers charge in February.

Following the end of his prison sentence, Hazard will pay restitution of $2,000 and be placed on supervised release for three years, according to the Justice Department.

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