Texas Hate-Preacher Goes on Crazy Anti-LGBTQ+ Rant in Online Video

Baptist hate preacher Steven Anderson.
Baptist hate preacher Steven Anderson.

Notorious Arizona Baptist hate preacher Steven Anderson is at it again. The minister banned from Ireland and elsewhere around the world for being too extreme in his homophobic views and who infamously called for an LGBTQ+ holocaust that would wipe out AIDS in weeks has made his latest round of outrageous commentary.

Atheism activist Hemant Mehta tweeted a video Wednesday of Anderson seemingly speaking to parishioners assembled to be proselytized about the horrors of homosexuality.

"These people are going to take you down a dark path!" he begins.

In the 40-second-long clip, Anderson gesticulates wildly and in an almost cartoonish way, adjusting his voice's inflection as if to make LGBTQ+ people seem especially vile and nefarious.

"You start hanging around with a bunch of faggots and lesbians; you know what they're going to do? They're going to ply you with alcohol or ply you with drugs, and they're going to abuse you. They're going to molest you."

He continues with a contorted visage and quivering voice, "They are going to get you into some weird junk that you have no desire to get into."

Then he warns, "Stay away from them! They are evil; they are freaks; they are predators. They're not reproducers; they are recruiters. They are molesters. They are predators. Stay away from them!"

In the background, one can hear occasional chants of agreement from some of his faithful followers.

"Preach it," one person says, while others repeatedly say "yes."

A Texas locality near a church to which Anderson is connected protested a pastor's call for the execution of LGBTQ+ people earlier this month.

In another video produced by Stedfast Baptist Church preacher Dillon Awes titled Sodomite Deception, which purports to center on the alleged dangers of the LGBTQ+ community but appears little more than a series of shrill antigay epithets and threats, Anderson speaks in response to why Baptist churches are not doing more to rid themselves of queer people.

"No homos will ever be allowed on this church as long as I'm the pastor here!" he shrieks, "Never!"

Anderson runs Faithful Word Baptist Church in Tempe, Ariz. It is independent, not affiliated with any larger Baptist body.