Testing Ground: eufyCam 3 2-Camera Wireless 4K Surveillance System

Dec. 24—Making sure your house is safe isn't always cheap, but it is worth it.

Without a doubt, the eufyCam 3 2-Camera Wireless 4K Surveillance System ($549.99) is one of the best security cameras on the market.

An improvement on the already-fantastic eufyCam 2 system, this package comes with two cameras that can be mounted and a hub that connects them to the internet.

Having tested the eufyCam 2 cameras, they were perfect for detecting movement, immediately notifying me of it and allowing me to communicate with whoever was on the camera (it was either my cats or an apartment sitter).

The eufyCam 3 is better, taking video in 4K both day and night, allowing for the clearest picture I've seen on a personal security device, while also utilizing facial recognition technology to let me know who was spotted.

To note, the only faces this camera would know are my cats and its recognition software does not extend to felines. It did allow me to see people going through my back porch area with surprising clarity.

One of the best features of the cameras is their ability to customize it to an area. You can avoid false alarms by setting activity zones where kids or animals may tread but criminals likely won't. It uses its facial recognition tech to adjust to the faces it normally sees and warns you when there's someone it doesn't recognize (for some, that part may be a little creepy).

If someone is spotted, the system will send a text alert with an ominous "Someone has been spotted" message, allowing you to log in to the footage (which is saved on the hub) and talk to the person through the camera. It also can be integrated into Google Assistant and Alexa for a full security system experience.

Having a smaller apartment, I used the cameras for my entrance and outdoor area. So far, it's served me well, addressing all the needs I want with a security system. All you need to do is set up its user-friendly installation process, screw in the pieces and you're good to go.

For the holidays and beyond, this provides the type of medium-level security you might want if you're looking to keep an eye on a few areas but not shell out for the whole shebang with a monthly cost. I highly recommend it.

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