Tesla barred from some China compounds - sources

Staff at some Chinese government offices have been told not to park their Tesla cars inside official compounds.

That's according to sources, who say it's due to security concerns over cameras installed on the vehicles.

They told Reuters that officials of at least two government agencies in Beijing and Shanghai have been instructed not to park their Tesla electric cars at work.

It wasn't clear how many vehicles were affected.

Neither the State Council Information Office, which handles media requests for the Chinese government, nor Tesla China officials immediately responded to requests for comment.

The reports are a fresh indication of China's continued wariness regarding the U.S. carmaker amid tensions with Washington.

Facing greater scrutiny over safety and highly publicised customer service complaints in China, Tesla is thought to be boosting its engagement with mainland regulators.

China is the world's biggest car market, and accounts for about 30% of Tesla sales.

It makes electric Model 3 sedans and Model Y sport-utility vehicles in a Shanghai plant.

Automakers have been equipping more vehicles with cameras and sensors that capture images of a car's surroundings.

Control of how those images are used and where they are sent and stored is a fast-emerging challenge for manufacturers and regulators around the world.

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