Terrified Girl Writes 'Help... Robbers!' to Zoom Class During Home Invasion in SF

Intruders ransacked an Asian man’s home in San Francisco during a home invasion robbery, leaving his 11-year-old cousin fearing for her life. The girl, who was distance learning at her cousin’s house on Friday, made a silent call for help after she was forced into a bathroom by one of the robbers, reports ABC7. She wrote the words “Help... Robbers!!” on a wall and shared the message to her class over Zoom. The homeowner, who wishes to remain anonymous, shared to anchor Dion Lim that his young cousin was terrified during the ordeal and thought she was going to be kidnapped or killed. He was tidying up family members' graves at a cemetery in Colma while the home invasion was happening. Upon returning to his home in Portola, he found his home ransacked with thousands in currency and cameras missing, his car also broken into. The thieves ripped cases from pillows and used them as bags to haul valuables. The homeowner shared one of the men grabbed his cousin by the shirt and forced her into the bathroom. In a bid to call attention to the incident, she scrawled her message along with her name in pencil. The girl was reportedly not physically hurt. The incident is currently under investigation by the San Francisco Police Department’s burglary unit. Feature Image via ABC7

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