Teresa Giudice clarifies husband’s comments about wearing her late father’s pajamas

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Teresa Giudice wants her fans to know that there's nothing wrong with her husband, Luis Ruelas, wearing her late father's pajamas.

In a preview clip for the March 28 episode of "The Real Housewives of New Jersey," Ruelas talks to Giudice's brother, Joe Gorga, at a backyard party about their family.

While appearing to have a one-on-one conversation, Ruelas tells Gorga: "I live with your four nieces. I wear your father’s pajamas at night to make them feel safe and loving, do you know that?" which results in Gorga giving him a blank stare.

In the comments, fans talked about Ruelas' comment and said it sounded a little off.

"That’s really strange that he’s wearing her father’s pajamas to make the girls feel safe. It’s not normal," one person wrote.

Another said, "'I wear your fathers pajamas at night' was too much for me."

A third added, "Im sorry…wearing nonnos pjs is NUTS."

In response to the criticism Ruelas got on social media, Giudice spoke to People about her husband's comment and explained that he was "definitely coming from an endearing place."

"I think it came out the wrong way," she said.

"They were brand new pajamas that I just gave him. He had a lot of clothes that my dad did not wear and I gave them away," she continued. "So for instance, that was the only thing I gave Luis was a pair of pajamas that my dad never used. They were, I think Ralph Lauren that he never used. They weren’t his actual pajamas that my dad wore."

Giudice also talked about the conversation between her hubby and Gorga and said at the end of the day, Ruelas really wanted Gorga’s "approval."

"I know he was just coming from a loving place towards my brother. He wanted my brother’s approval," she said. "He was like, poor guy. I feel bad for him. I know he was trying so hard to just wanting my brother, wanting to love my brother and vice versa. And he was just coming from a good place. And I see that. And that’s what makes me love him even more because he’s been nothing but amazing to me and my daughters."

In April 2020, Giudice announced her dad, Giacinto Gorga, died three years after his wife, Antonia, passed away at 66. He was 76 years old.

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