Tens of Thousands of Sharks Spotted 'A Stone's Throw' From Florida Beaches

The severe cold snap may have you planning your Florida getaway, but you might want to watch this video first.

Researchers flying above the Sunshine State's Atlantic coast on Friday spotted a massive migration of black tip sharks swimming uncomfortably close to popular beaches.

Fantastic aerial survey flight this morning. Thousands of sharks off Palm Beach and up to Jupiter. Very few sharks...

Posted by FAU Shark Migration on Friday, February 12, 2016

"There are literally tens of thousands of sharks a stone's throw away from our shoreline,"  You could throw a pebble and literally strike a shark. They are that close," said Florida Atlantic University biological sciences professor Dr. Stephen Kajiura.

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Kajiura is part of a team that's researchers who tag and observe the blacktips in an attempt to better understand their migration habits. He told WPEC that the blacktip sharks were densest across the 20 mile stretch from highly populated Palm Beach to Singer Island, Florida.

While the blacktip has never been connected to a single fatal attack, scientists believe they are likely to blame for most shark bite incidents in Florida due to their prevalence in the waters off the coast of the state.

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Those who'd like to plan their trip around this migration event, take note: the sharks will likely be sticking around in Palm Beach County for the next month or so. 

Or, just take your chances. Kajiura doesn't believe beachgoers should be too concerned--though his reasoning might not convince everyone.

"Even though we have this huge number of sharks...we have relatively few bites," the researcher told the Palm Beach Daily News. "When you consider the number of people in the water and the number of sharks in the water you’d think there would be a lot of interaction."

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