Tennessee man who bleeds from eyes seeks help

Mike Krumboltz
Yahoo News

Michael Spann cries blood once or twice a week and has been unable to find an answer as to why, he explained in an interview with the Tennessean.

The Antioch, Tenn., man, in his late 20s, told the paper he first began experiencing the episodes on a daily basis when he was 22. Though the frequency of the bleeding has slowed, the headaches that accompany the bleeding have not.

Speaking with the Tennessean, Spann compared his first experience with crying blood like being "hit in the head with a sledgehammer." Spann says he also bleeds from his nose and mouth.

Spann told the Tennessean that he has spoken with doctors about his condition, but none seems able to provide him with answers. He said that he believes the bleeding may have to do with a tear duct.

Via the Tennessean:

“There probably is a cause, but it is a small tear duct that is only a millimeter or two or three in diameter,” Fleming said. “It’s a tube. To get into that tube and examine that tube from one end to the other would cause scarring, and you could lose part of the tear duct. That’s the dilemma that can cause problems, that we will leave someone with a permanent disability.”

The condition has effected his ability to work, go to school, and meet people. Spann says he worked construction but was fired after he began bleeding and that he "obviously can't be a waiter and work in any public thing because you are bleeding.”