Temperatures will plummet to dangerous levels this weekend. Are you prepared?

Do you have plans to be outside Friday and Saturday? Bring extra layers or consider rescheduling. Temperatures and windchill are expected to drop to dangerously low levels, possibly historic levels.

We get a one-two punch of extreme weather — most recently, the region received loads of snowfall in one week after a major snowfall deficit. This time the temperatures, which had been mild up to this point, swing wildly, turning bitterly cold to double digits below zero.

Beginning Friday morning, temperatures will start out in the single digits and continue to fall. By Saturday, Burlington is expected to reach temperatures in the negative teens, while the Northeast Kingdom is expecting temperatures 20 degrees below zero. Winds in the 20 mph range will make the air feel even colder. The wind chill is expected to bottom out at negative 43 degrees in Burlington and as low as at negative 59 at Mount Mansfield.

The National Weather Service in Burlington has said this could be a potentially historic drop, especially considering the mild temperatures we've seen so far this season.

Frostbite and hypothermia are of concern for those who will be outside and those who may be indoors but do not have adequate heat. Uncovered skin is at high risk for frostbite and could occur within 10 minutes of exposure at these temperatures. Now is the time to make sure your home has enough fuel for heat, your car is in good working order, and you have a plan in case pipes burst or you lose electricity. The National Weather Service also recommends checking on family, friends and the elderly.

The extreme lows are expected to be short-lived. By Sunday, the temperatures are predicted to rebound to normal levels going into the new week.

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This article originally appeared on Burlington Free Press: Dangerously cold weather impacts Vermont, windchills 40 below zero